Small Umbrella - 8779


This is a convenient and high-quality pocket-sized umbrella which can easily be carried everywhere.

Weighing just 200 g, which is a little over the weight of a mobile phone, our smallest travel umbrella has a manual opening and closing mechanism. It can easily fit into your pocket, backpack, handbag or car so there is no need to worry about rains when you go out.

Thanks to its rubber-coated ergonomic handle, the umbrella safely stays in your hand, even in wetter conditions. The attached high-quality widened strap makes it easy to close and manually fold this small umbrella. In addition, the damp folded umbrella can easily be returned to its protective pouch after use thanks to the user-friendly large opening.

The wind-resistant mechanism of the umbrella generally does not break. Although strong winds can turn the ribs of the frame inside out, the umbrella usually regains its original shape unless the mechanism is broken by a very strong gust of wind.

It should be noted that the lighter aluminum ribs and frame cannot not withstand the harshest of winds. Generally, a smaller surface area, as with this umbrella, does not protect the carrier well in particularly gusty winds. Thus, it is generally not advisable to walk in stormy weather with a small umbrella. span>

For more challenging weather, we recommend the larger and stronger umbrellas from our collection. However, if you are looking for the smallest umbrella possible and want to protect yourself from light showers, this product would be your best choice.

5-piece steel-aluminum arm allows for a compact size. Aluminum frame and ribs.

Umbrella length when folded: 17cm, diameter when opened: 88cm.

The fabric parts of the umbrella are made of resistant high-quality 190T polyester ponge, which is durable even when in heavy use.

This windproof umbrella also has a 1-year warranty and is a product with the Design From Finland brand.

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