Reflective Umbrella


A reflective umbrella is a trendy and visible accessory that helps you stand out in the dark. Especially in the rain, it can be difficult to detect pedestrians in traffic. Therefore, there is an increased the risk of accidents and need for reflectors during dark and rainy weather. p>

This stylish umbrella reflects light both when opened and closed, shining in the dark and distinguishing the walker from a dark background even in poor visibility. A reflective umbrella is an easy and convenient way to protect yourself and your loved ones in both rain and darkness.


The fully automatic reflective umbrella provides the best comfort when travelling during rainy weather.

The outer surface of the reflective umbrella fabric is made entirely of reflective material, reflecting light from all directions.


An easy-to-open walking stick-like long automatic reflective umbrella is a great choice when looking for a traditional long umbrella to protect from the rain.

The outer surface of the fabric part of the reflective umbrella is made entirely of reflective material, providing excellent protection for the wearer.


The most popular travel umbrella in the Lasessor Rain collection offers excellent quality and durability in one.

When opened, our comprehensive manual reflective umbrella with a 1m diameter provides sufficient protection even in heavy rain.

The fabric of the reflective umbrella is made of a fully reflective material on the outside and provides very good protection when moving in the dark.


The Lasessor’s most affordable collapsible reflective umbrella design offers a compact and practical package at a competitive price.

The reflective umbrella protects well in dark traffic as its outer fabric is made entirely of reflective material.

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